By: Linda Stein

With his parents, Ray and MarySue, Gregory Hansell, who has a background in technology, nonprofit organizations and business, started the the Facebook game “A Better World” that showcases people’s good deeds in 2010. Instead of raising virtual farm animals or killing imaginary space invaders, “we wanted to unleash that power for good,” said Gregory Hansell, 38, the chief product officer, who lives in Wayne, with his wife, Samantha and two young children.

The family was sitting in the Great American Pub trying to come up with a name for the game, when Gregory Hansell said, “We need a name that makes it sound like we’re trying to make it a better world, because that’s what we’re doing. And my dad said, ‘Well, how about A Better World?’ And, ding, that was it.”

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By: MarySue Hansell, A Better World

I'm an Entrepreneur and a Businesswoman, but the titles I'm most proud of are Mom and Grandmom —Mom to three grown successful children and MeeMee to five adorable grandkids.

Like most Moms, I'm very concerned about how today's fast-paced world is affecting all of us, especially our kids. We're all worried about the lack of kindness displayed on the Internet, in the schoolyards, and on the playgrounds. You hear so much about bullying with teens and younger kids. We all get exposed to too much violence, especially on TV and even in games. Our children are also used to getting so much more than we ever did, and so we find ourselves wondering how do we teach kids today how to be grateful for what they have and learn how to give to others.

How can we as adults reflect positive values to our children and show them ways to be kind, be grateful, and help others? What's a good way to teach positive values that avoids in-one-ear-out-the-other lecturing, that will get their attention and maybe even be fun?

Well this is the challenge my husband Ray, son Gregory, and I tackled. We wanted a new way to give back and make a difference in the world by addressing these problems so we put our heads together and brainstormed a solution.

You could—if you played A Better World, a Facebook game started by Wayne entrepreneurs, MarySue, Ray and Gregory Hansell. The game, played by 4 million people in 100 countries, is a twist on two phenomena—gaming and social media. In A Better World, players advance through doing good and helping others, either through expressing gratitude and doing virtual good deeds or through recording good deeds they’ve done in real life.

When the gaming community has earned enough virtual points, the Hansells reward the actual world with a donation to charity. So far, the family has given over $50,000 to over 20 charitable organizations, both international and local.

WAYNE >> A local family who developed a Facebook game encouraging good habits and behavior presented a $5,000 check late last month to the Chadds Ford-based “Operation Warm” to help the organization purchase winter coats for kids in need.

The game, titled “A Better World,” is accessible to Facebook users and encourages players to do good things, such as give each other compliments, to encourage positive behavior. Players in the game even have the option of sending get well letters to kids undergoing hospital treatment around the world, said CEO Ray Hansell.

“It’s gaming for good causes,” he said.

Hansell and other owners of the game set a goal for the players — to perform one million good deeds in the game. If the players did, the organization and its partners would donate money to support Operation Warm.

Operation Warm’s goal is to provide winter coats for children in need, and according to Marketing Director Brock Clauser, the donation was much appreciated.

“Operation Warm is so grateful to have a partner like A Better World that believes in our mission to provide brand new winter coats to children in need,” he wrote in a prepared statement. “New coats not only help keep them warm, but increase their self esteem [sic] and reassure them that they are of value. It’s rare to find an organization like A Better World that at its core is so focused on doing good and making the world a better place. The partnership is a natural fit.”

Hansell said the players finished performing one million good deeds as the Winter Storm Jonas hit the east coast.

“This historic storm really drove home how high the stakes are for these kids in need,” he wrote in a prepared statement. “It’s our honor to help by harnessing the goodwill of our players to support this timely cause,” he said.

Officials said the donation would provide around 250 new coast of kids in need.

“We crossed the million good deed threshold just as the 2016 blizzard hit the east coast. This historic storm really drove home how high the stakes are for these kids in need. It’s our honor to help by harnessing the goodwill of our players to support this timely cause,” said A Better World CEO, Ray Hansell.

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