Management Team

Ray Hansell - Chairman and Co-Founder

Ray Hansell
Chairman and Co-Founder

Ray Hansell, the Chairman and CEO, charts the direction and strategy of A Better World. Earlier in his career, Ray was a sales and marketing executive with both ADP and NCR. It was his experience with these companies that was key, while running RMH Teleservices, to enable him to land accounts with Fortune 500 companies such as Discover Card and J.C. Penney. Ray also drew upon his early experience in acting, where he realized the parallels between the company and a Broadway show. The telemarketing representatives were like the “performers” in having to express themselves in a convincing manner in order to make sales. The trainers were the “directors” who taught the sales and customer service representatives how to “play their parts”. Finally, the management team was akin to the “producers” who put on the play every day for their customers. Training was implemented along these scenarios.

MarySue Lucci Hansell President and Chief Operating Officer

MarySue Lucci Hansell
President and Chief Operating Officer

MarySue Lucci Hansell, as President and COO, oversees the operations of A Better World, drawing upon her earlier work experience with RMH Teleservices where she managed the 21 call centers, servicing clients including both Fortune 500 clients and smaller businesses in a variety of industries. While the co-owner and COO at RMH, she was recognized for operations excellence with many industry awards. Previously she also was Vice President of Product Development for Clement Communications, a national training and communications firm, where she launched numerous programs for those markets. As Executive Vice President of Colonial Penn insurance, MarySue headed up the communications, training, customer service, and sales areas.

Gregory R. Hansell Chief Product Officer

Gregory R. Hansell
Chief Product Officer

Gregory R. Hansell is Chief Product Officer for A Better World. As the creator of the core concept of the A Better World game on Facebook, Greg has been responsible for managing the team that has turned the concept into reality. Gregory has background and experiences in several areas that collectively lay the foundation for A Better World: product development, information technology, psychology, and philosophy. Greg came to A Better World in 2009 from a position as Managing Director of Global Communications at the Metanexus Institute, a global interdisciplinary think tank with more than 200 projects in 42 countries. Metanexus is a “big questions” academic institution focusing on issues at the intersection of science, philosophy, and human flourishing. In his six years at Metanexus, Hansell launched and managed several global web projects including a global network connecting the institute’s numerous projects and programs, and an award winning international online magazine. Prior to Metanexus, Hansell worked in network technologies at Prudential Financial.

Jim Murray Chief Communications Officer

Jim Murray
Chief Communications Officer

Born in West Philadelphia, Jim Murray is a 1960 alumnus of Villanova University. In 1969, Jimmy joined the Philadelphia Eagles’ public relations staff. Five years later, Murray was named general manager for the Eagles where he served for nine years and took the franchise to the first Super Bowl appearance against the Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

During his 14 years with the Eagles, Murray distinguished himself as a leader in a number of projects that served the community. In addition to co-founding the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, he helped start the Eagles Fly for Leukemia campaign. He also persuaded many of his peers in the NFL to become involved in the unique Ronald McDonald House concept across the country. He remains involved in the Philadelphia community and has won a number awards for his charitable work.