About A Better World

A Better World is a Social Enterprise whose mission is to make "Uplifting Games and Apps to Brighten the World."

Our goal with everything we do is: Do-Good, Have Fun, and Change The World. We're committed to creating awesome stuff designed with the purpose of making a difference through optimism, altruism, and charity.

Our flagship product is our A Better World game on Facebook, "Where All Good Deeds Are Rewarded and Real World Causes Are Supported!" As of Summer 2017, over 4 million people have done over 40 million good deeds in A Better World in over 100 countries. Check it out at Facebook.com/ABetterWorld.

The BetterWorldians Vision

The BetterWorldians Vision makes the world a better place by focusing on and encouraging the best in everyone. We have a positive, caring, and values-centric outlook to act as an antidote to the anger, bullying, cynicism, selfishness, and apathy so rampant today. Our approach is "planting flowers instead of pulling weeds." We believe that the solutions to today's problems are found by cultivating our better natures. We focus on positive thinking, positive values, and positive actions. In short, our vision is to Bring Out the BetterWorldian in Everybody so that we can all make it A Better World.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. Essential to our corporate mission is the belief that companies can make a difference while turning a profit. Our belief is that as more companies demonstrate that they can do good while still making money, the more the marketplace will demand that businesses leave the world better than they found it. Once every company needs to do good in order to be competitive, the rate of change in making a difference will be astounding and unstoppable.

Formerly known as Toonups

A Better World was formerly known as ToonUps. Since the turn of the century, ToonUps has created a rich array of products in the business, prosumer, and consumer marketplaces, all designed with the purpose of uplifting people through optimism, altruism, and fun. From social gaming to business training, our innovative content brings these core themes to new markets. ToonUps continues to be the holding company for our ToonUp Coach and ToonUp Presentations products.