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Company donating coats to kids for 'good deeds' in game

A screenshot from the Wayne, Pa.- developed Facebook game, "A Better World."

Video games aren't all deathmatches and finish lines.

Wayne, Delaware County-based social enterprise A Better World is attempting to shake up the image of video games as strictly for entertainment by incentivizing players of its Facebook-based, life-simulator game to do good deeds -- both in-game and in the real world.

“What we do is cross the divide between this imaginary world by bringing in real world good deeds, getting people to report them," co-founder Raymond Hansell told PhillyVoice. "It's a virtual world game not unlike CityVille orFarmVille, the big differentiation being that instead of buying virtual cows and chickens and swapping them with your neighbors, in this virtual world what you’re doing is doing good deeds."

Here's how it works: Users report real-world good deeds that are voted up or down by other users, and "hopes, dreams and gratitudes" are expressed are tallied through the game's interface as virtual good deeds. Those good deeds can then be used as currency to shop for clothing and furniture; through Jan. 1, it's the only form of currency that will be accepted.

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WAYNE, PA--(Marketwired - Jun 15, 2015) -

Celebrating their 4th anniversary, A Better World announces that over 35 million acts of kindness have been done in the game by more than 3 million people.

A Better World works this way: "Do Good, Feel Good, and Have Fun." It's an uplifting, pro-social, virtual world game that educates people and encourages positive actions, positive thinking, and social causes to heal our world.

A Better World rewards players for doing good in the real and virtual worlds. Players advance by performing actions like sharing acts of kindness, sending get well notes to real world sick children, eliminating negative thoughts, sending positive notes to other players, expressing gratitude, and more. The more good players do in the game, the more Do-Good Gold and Positive Points they gain, which lets them customize their virtual world.

A Better World's social impact mechanics are also based on sound Positive Psychology science that shows when you do good, you feel good. The main "do good" areas of the game are all based on actions recommended by Positive Psychologists to increase happiness levels and wellbeing.

Dr. Matthew Della Porta, Positive Psychologist and team member at Delivering Happiness, wrote that A Better World "allowed me to practice effective happiness-boosting activities. I believe that the greatest joy we can experience is through selflessly helping others, and this game provides a fun and easy way to experience this joy."

Through their Cause Gaming® initiative, all good done in the game goes toward meeting monthly goals that, when met, raise awareness and release funds to non-profit causes.

Over 15 causes, nationally and internationally, helping both children and adults, have been supported by A Better World, including: Dr. Phil Foundation, Love is Louder, Convoy of Hope, Operation Warm, and CURE International, among many others.

35 million acts of good in A Better World have been done by players to support:
  • Feeding families around the world
  • Surgeries enabling children to walk
  • Coats given to homeless children
  • Support to anti-bullying education
  • Cancer screenings for underprivileged women
  • Among many others
The company is currently seeking investors and corporate partners that resonate with their mission to use the imaginative, interactive, and immersive power of games to change the world.

You can learn more about the company and play the game at:

Caitlin McKay
Media Relations Manager
A Better World

A Better World names the Dr. Phil Foundation Charity Partner of the Month 

Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2015 -- 

BetterWorldians Radio today announced that Michelynn "Miki" Woodard, President and CEO of the Dr. Phil Foundation and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation was a guest on the Internet radio broadcast on Thursday, May 28th on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel ( BetterWorldians Radio is a weekly show that inspires with the people and ideas that are making the world a better place. 

Woodard discussed her life long passion of giving back to those in need, which eventually lead to her role at both Dr. Phil Foundation and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. The Dr. Phil Foundation helps children and families in need develop a sense of purpose and mission in their lives. The foundation, When Georgia Smiled, helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault live healthy, safe, and joy-filled lives. "It's deeply gratifying and worth all of the effort that we give," said Woodard about the organizations she leads. 

BetterWorldians Radio is hosted by the creators of A Better World, a social game on Facebook that rewards players for doing good and thinking positively. In the month of June, A Better World will partner with the Dr. Phil Foundation in support of CASA, which has a mission to support and promote court-appointed volunteer advocacy for children in need. A Better World is challenging it's players to complete 300,000 good deeds in the game during the month, and when the goal is reached, A Better World will release funds for the I am for the Child campaign which recruits volunteers who advocate for abused and neglected children.

BetterWorldians Radio has featured guests such as author and psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, filmmaker and philanthropist Peter Samuelson, author and psychologist Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, and actress and activist Fran Drescher. To access the show and other podcasts, go to 

About Michelynn "Miki" Woodard 
Miki Woodard is President and CEO of the Dr. Phil Foundation and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation. Miki has over 15 years experience in corporate philanthropy across multiple industries, including entertainment, non-profit, television, digital media and music. Miki previously served as the vice president of philanthropy at JCPenney. Before joining JCPenney, Woodard founded the Amalgamation Group LLC, a strategic consulting firm that brought together celebrities, philanthropists, non-profits and brands. Miki's background also includes serving as managing director of West Coast Operations for Be the Change and as president and chief operating officer for West Brands, where she ran Kanye West's parent company. Woodard is a prominent member of the philanthropic community where she supports numerous charitable organizations, mentors many young women, and is an active public speaker. 

About BetterWorldians Radio 
BetterWorldians Radio is hosted by Ray, MarySue and Gregory Hansell, the family team that created the popular game on Facebook, A Better World. This game rewards players for doing good deeds while helping to raise money and awareness for charities. Over 3 million people have performed over 35 million good deeds in A Better World to date. BetterWorldians Radio is broadcast from Wayne, PA.

David Grzybowski • Nov 19th, 2014

The Hansell family, Raymond. MarySue and son Gregory, want to raise $200,000 dollars to develop and distribute their new kids tablet game, A Better World for Kids.

“We are creating I think a little world that kids can play in. Dress up like adults. Do a lot of things to emulate like mom and dad, but doing a lot of good deeds in the process,” said Raymond Hansell, chairman and CEO of A Better World.

The new game teaches kids to practice positive life habits. kindness and doing good in the community.

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Nov 18th, 2014

Gregory Hansell's three year old daughter, Tabitha, loves playing mobile games. But Hansell worried what Tabitha would absorb as she grew older. So together with his parents, Ray and MarySue Hansell, Gregory is creating the kid-friendly mobile game, A Better World for Kids.

A Better World for Kids helps kids make a difference by encouraging kindness, helpfulness, and doing good. The tablet game teaches good choices and encourages values long associated with the holiday season, like gratitude and giving, as well as concerns that kids face today, like anti-bullying, recycling, and healthy eating.

The Hansells have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production and distribution of A Better World for Kids, which is now live. The campaign aims to raise $200,000.

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